We received $350+ NOT to test drive cars—all in under an hour!

You’re probably scratching your head right now at the title. Earning money by not test driving? How does that even work? Well, buckle in, ‘cause I’ve got a story for you.

So most of you probably know that there are a lot of nationwide (and local) offers for test driving. Several years back, Ellen (my wife) and I picked four different car dealerships that had recently opened up offers that added up to $380. We printed out the required vouchers and such, and headed on out to the dealerships.

We’d done our research, and had heard on the news that on Jefferson Ave., VA there were six or seven dealers along a two-mile stretch of road, four of which had test drive offers at the moment. Because of this, we decided to focus our energy there.

I went into each dealership, and asked the manager to sign or complete each voucher. After they’d done so, I left—without doing any test drives. I didn’t even need to hide my intentions; one salesman was delighted to sign my form, excited that I wasn’t doing the test drive and wasting his time. As a general rule of thumb, if you tell the dealer that you’re not in the market for a car now and are just interested in the freebie, they’ll sign your voucher without fuss and everyone comes away happier for it.

Before my wife and I made the rounds together, a thought had occurred to me: why not do vouchers for both of us, for double the money? By pooling our three $50 vouchers and one $40 vouchers, we ended up totaling $380 overall—which is a lot of money for under an hour of visiting car dealerships!

Over the years I’ve done over a hundred of the test offers, and have only actually had to do the test drive twice. Being upfront about the reason I was there has served me well, and earned me hundredsf dollars just by getting a voucher signed.

But it’s not just earning cash. We’ve also received gift cards, blankets, bags, backpacks, and other useful items for participating in these test drive offers. Some offers are limited to the number of vouchers the automobile company can provide, so if you’re interested in redeeming money as well as prizes, you’ll need to act fast. If you want to keep track of all these test drive deals as they come out, why not sign up for our email list?

Below are some current test drive offers as of July 17th:

Prize: $25

How to apply: Select your local dealer, then click “View Inventory.” A pop up window should appear for you to fill out.

Prize: $40 gift card

How to apply: Choose dealer locator, then “Inventory”. A pop up window should appear for you to fill out.

Prize: $50 gift card

How to apply: Choose dealer locator, then “Inventory”. A pop up window should appear for you to fill out.

Kia also has an annual $25 test offer, but you’ll need to be subscribed to their email list for access to it. In addition to that, they limit the amount of vouchers that can be downloaded, so you’ll need to act fast.

Some auto manufacturers don’t have or maintain email lists, but most have brochure requests, which will generally put you down on their list to receive any new test drive offers.

Most car dealerships are also part of a national network when it comes to mystery shopping. This refers to the business practice of hiring someone to pretend to be in the market for a car so they can evaluate the dealership through a fair, critical eye.

While pay can range from $10-$100 per shop, the standard in the automobile industry tends to be around $50-$60. If you’ve got the time for it, it’s an absolutely great way to make money. Some bloggers have earned up to $5,000 per month just through mystery shopping, and might average $400-$500 for just the easiest jobs. Talk about easy earnings!

Below are some of the best and most reputable companies to mystery shop for.


Easiest shops. Usually pay between $20-$35 per shop.


Shops for Toyota dealerships. $60 per location for evaluations.

Mystery Shopping Services

Shops for Chevy dealerships. Around $60 per location for evaluations.

Intelli Shop

Shops for BMW & Mazda. $50 per location for evaluations.


I want to give special attention to Mobee for being the crème of the crop when it comes to convenience. Thanks to their app, you can find opportunities for mystery shopping—on your phone. They connect you to thousands of businesses (not just car dealerships) near you that want your feedback on their stores. For each shop you’ll receive awesome prizes, gifts, and cash.

On average, each mission will only take you 5-10 minutes to complete. The app will guide you in taking photos, using timers, and scoping out the store in general.  With Mobee, you can make $6-$12 an hour. If you’re going to be at the store anyway, it’s a quick way to pick up some $IGNUPDOUGH without breaking a sweat. You as a consumer will finally have the power to influence not just local businesses, but also chains like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and more, while also lending them a helping hand in improving their services.

But that’s not all! If you sign up with my referral code QNDW, you’ll receive 300 points or a $3 bonus. You’ll also earn extra cash if you invite your friends to join. Earning huge rewards and tons of cash to go to places you already know and love—sounds like a dream job to me!

Woman buying a car and testing it with salesman