This Company Really Pays You to Start Saving And They Even Show You How to Invest!

OK maybe you want to start investing in stocks and ETF’s but with all the information out there I sure can see how anyone might be so confused and then they just give up. Hopefully, that won’t be you! Stash makes saving and investing so simple that they start you off with a FREE $5 when you go thru my link. You can start with just a $5 minimum account size and set up an automatic recurring investment to grow your Stash account. If it’s automatic you don’t see it and hopefully won’t miss it but the job (maybe finally) gets done. Maybe start out small, even if it’s just $5 and then throughout my blog, find many money saving ideas to discover more money for you to invest.

You can learn to invest with confidence and chose 30+ investment themes which reflect your goals, beliefs, and interests. In fact, $878.55 per year is the average saved by auto-stashers!

Stash shows you how to invest for yourself with all the choices, tools and tips you need to customize your investment account. Their over 25 pages of learning articles will give you all the information and ideas you need to get you started investing. Go to their learning page to view all of their articles on investing and clever ideas to get you off to a great start. Then come back here to use my link for your FREE $5. They now have over 1 million community members and 86% of those are (maybe just like you) totally new “first-time” investors! They are growing so fast because they maybe are making everything almost too simple!

When you sign up you will answer a series of questions to determine and then recommend stocks and ETF’s based on your answers and initial sign-up profile. Now you can invest in the stock market for an unheard of $5 minimum and know nothing about stocks and the stock market. Stash makes all the recommendations and personalized guidance you will need.

You can even receive another $5 for every referral you make if you chose, up to $100 per year and make referrals via Facebook, twitter, direct email or text messages to friends you wish to join. Stash is totally free for the first 90 days and just $1 per month for accounts of less than $5,000 avoiding all those trading commissions brokerage companies charge. After $5,000 it’s just .25% per year and withdrawals are always free.