You have probably seen their TV commercials advertising for people to earn money by simply shopping, searching the net, watching videos, playing video games (why play for free?), work from home, eat at restaurants, and find great deals. Wow, they pay you to eat pizza! Life has become fun as you can now get paid for the everyday things you do. Swagbucks has been giving a lot of people cash and gift cards since 2008 and as of 9-2017 has over 12 million members including us. Who doesn’t like money?

Now, very frequently, instead of watching a TV commercial (I have already seen 72 times) I just open the Swagbucks app and NOW I get cash to IGNORE the commercials and watch a video, go shopping, play video games or do several different exciting things Swagbucks has going on. There are some days that I make over $20 but usually average $5 to $10 for doing this stuff. One day, I bought a gift card and received Swagbuck cash back of 10% for my purchase. Just for buying a gift card which I was going to buy anyway.

I also found out that the app averages an hourly payback rate of $7-$10 per hour (sometimes less). Okay, this won’t make you really rich, but that extra cash makes a lot of sense. But for me, just to kill some time watching videos, sitting in my Doctor’s office, waiting for my Dentist, sitting in an airport, traveling as a passenger or while I just feel like picking up a few extra cash, which isn’t a bad thing, I go to the phone app to make some money. Maybe even earn while the kids are taking their naps? Talk about making extra cash through having fun. This sounds great, right? Now, go get some cash.

Just try it through my Swagbucks link. They give you $3 to $5 just to sign up for FREE and then you are on your way to choosing the way you want to earn some extra cash or gift cards. Some bloggers pick up $500 to $800 per year using this app but I don’t have much time to spend there. I really wish I did! Maybe you do?