Banks usually aren’t forthcoming about personal finance and saving money for you. Yes, they want you to open accounts or buy their products, but educating people about saving money I have always found that offering savings ideas isn’t what they do. Having good intentions about saving money instead of actually doing something about it has been what a lot of Americans lack, discipline!

The FREE Qapital app not only easily saves you money but also eliminates your “discipline” to begin saving in to your Wells Fargo FDIC Insured savings account. The app automatically transfers small amounts from your checking account in to your new savings account. Wait a minute you say, any bank can do that. You are right but here is what makes Qapital a lot different!

Once you download the app you then establish your own rules and goals which trigger’s a transfer from your linked checking account in to your Qapital savings account. For example like other popular saving apps, one rule you establish might be rounding up change to the next dollar amount and having those amounts sent over to your Qapital savings account. Actually whenever make a checking account purchase you may set a rule to make a transfer amount in to savings. Maybe every time you go to the gym, you set $10 gets transferred. You send in a car payment and start your rule for $5 to get transferred and so on. You could customize 1000’s of rules for yourself and stop any of them at any time. You pick your own rules and amounts to can live without for maybe some kind of established goal, like a vacation, children’s education or anything. So now it’s actually fun to save money, mostly because it can get done painlessly.

Once you set up your rules and goals, the only thing left to do is sit back and watch your savings grow.

There are;

  • NO fees.
  • NO minimums.
  • Unlimited transfers.
  • Instant access to your funds.
  • In-app customer service.
  • FDIC Insured.

Qapital will even start you out with a FREE $5 when you sign up thru my link. After you sign up maybe share (not required) your link with friends and receive $5 for every friend to sign up thru your link.

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