In this age where you can stream almost any music for free, I’m sure most everyone would agree that paying $200+ a year for SiriusXM radio is way too expensive. Sure, their commercial free music is nice, and all their channel selections are fantastic. But no music is fantastic enough to make me want to empty $200 out of my pocket yearly to pay for it.

When my family bought a new car several years back, we got SiriusXM radio as a freebie for six months. We ended up really liking their service and wanting to keep it, so at the end of six months we started shopping around for a better price. That’s when I uncovered this simple trick to get them to reduce your bill from anywhere to $100-$175 per year.

  1. Call 1-888-601-6302 or 1-866-579-7234.
  1. Tell the CSR that their renewal price is way too high, and that you wish to cancel your subscription.
  1. Generally, at this point they’ll offer you either $89 or $99 for the next year. But you can’t give up here. Refuse the offer until they offer the $25 five month plan, or the $30 six month plan. If they don’t offer the lower price, you can go back and take the $89-$99 (which we’ve never had to do) or call back and talk to a new CSR until you receive the $25-$30 price.
  1. Repeat upon expiration of your 5-6 month discounted subscription!
  1. Additional option: Drop/cancel their service. After doing this you will receive a letter in the mail within two months, offering you their $30 six month plan, which you will be able to access by either calling them or going to Fair warning: if you go the website route, your account will auto-renew at their original high rates. Personally, I prefer to request them to send a bill through the mail. This way my account does not auto-renew, and in 5-6 months I repeat the process.

See, the trick here is that SiriusXM wants to retain you as a customer. The last thing they want is for you to stop buying their services entirely. If keeping you means lowering your monthly rate, they’ll be willing to do so. I’ve done this for several years now, and never paid over $30 for a six month subscription.

I’ll let you in on another secret: the same tip works for most companies! Taking your business elsewhere can be used as a bargaining chip if you want discounted rates. If you call your cable company today and threaten (politely, of course) to cancel, I bet you they’ll immediately reduce your bill anywhere from $30-$80 per month. Everyone I have ever talked making this simple quick call had their cable bill reduced, including us! Happy savings!