Drinking is great. Paying retail prices, however, is not. I myself don’t buy beer during the winter, but I sure enjoy a brew or two on a hot summer day.

The thing is, I won’t buy alcohol unless it comes with some rebate or cash back. This may sound complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. By using the awesome apps below, you’ll be able to receive money back for beer, wine, and other liquor purchases, whether you’re buying at grocery stores, restaurants, liquor stores, or bars.

1. bevRAGE: This app is in a league of its own. Rather than just saving money, you get cash for buying liquor, both in stores and at restaurants and bars! The trick here is that you’ll need to sign up with my code first: ASSISCNP.

Browse the bargains to discover whatever drink you’re interested in (they’ve got plenty to choose from: from Sauvignons to Stouts to Heineken to Sam Adams,) then pay for it and hold onto the receipt. After you’ve redeemed your deal, snap a pic with the app and earn your (paperless) rebate form! All rebates will be deposited into your PayPal account. Again, the code is: ASSISCNP.

2. Ibotta: Most of you have probably heard of Ibotta. While it used to be just for food, it’s recently expanded into alcohol purchases as well. Just pick your favorite offers, redeem them, and them take a photo of your receipt. In a day or two the rebate will be deposited in your PayPal account. If you use my link, you’ll also receive a free $10 sign-up bonus!

3. Checkout51: Another great rebate app for not just alcohol, but food and other beverages as well. Go ahead and check it out (pun intended)!

My personal case purchases have averaged around just $10 in net in case net cost, sometimes even less. See, what you can do if you download more than one of the above apps is “double/triple dip” By using all of them for purchases and then submitting receipts to more than just one, you’ll be able to double (or triple) down on your savings! You can also do what I do sometimes, and submit your receipt physically through the mail for a mail-in rebate. The few times that I’ve done that, my alcohol purchases have gone from cheap to free!

Also see my other article on “double/triple dipping.” For over twenty-five years, I’ve used paper rebates as well, and sometimes my net cost comes to only half of the price I actually paid. Deals like these make every day a summer sale for buying alcohol!