Years ago I occasionally forgot to go thru EBATES first before I completed a shopping purchase (Have you?). It’s just plain aggravating to finish shopping, then paying for a purchase only to realize that you “forgot” to log on and then using your EBATES link first! After doing this several times almost 20 years ago, I tried to make it a point to remember about NOT leaving cash of the table by not using EBATES. I would especially do this when I would see a great deal at sites like fatwallet or slickdeals by using their direct link to make the purchase. By using their link these sites got to keep their affiliate cash for my forgetfulness.

On one occasion there was a great magazine deal posted at slick deals for less than ½ of the regular price. I bought the mag subscription only to forget about EBATES again. This was the last time I ever forgot because this costly mistake costed me 40%!!! (Years ago you could use both an external discount code AND receive the EBATES cash. In most cases they won’t let you “double dip” like this anymore).

There all along, in front of my face was the EBATES “plugin” which after you install it, doesn’t require you to go to the EBATES site first. After you install the plugin the EBATES logo appears at the top of your browser and stays there showing you the cash back reward for the shopping site(s) you are searching for. The plugin WON’T let you forget ever again. For example, I “searched” men’s jackets and the plugin showed this list of EBATES stores along with the cash back amount for them here on this screen shot;

Then when I click on one of the links, this screen shot shows the very small pop up (top right) showing the cash back and activation button to this store. This is now so simple never to forget EBATES ever again.

To get the plugin log on to your account. At the top right click the “help” button. From the list click “cash back button” and follow the simple instructions to install the button.

Another sceeen shot of our most recent EBATES earnings is for the “quarter” ending 6-30-17. The cash back adds up quick especially for things we were going to buy anyway;

We generally “average” several hundred dollars per year in EBATES and some earn in the $1,000’s especially when making large purchases that are planned and budgeted for (maybe you have seen the customer testimonials on their TV ads). Just think of all that money left on the table by NOT using EBATES from your past and future online purchases!!!

Just in case by chance you might the last person on the planet NOT using EBATES for cash back rebates for making online purchases here is how it works. EBATES is a shopping portal that gives you cash back rebates for online purchases for over 2000 stores and for amounts of up to 40% for almost anything you buy. You can even receive cash back for buying at Amazon and eBay. If you do sign up using my link you will receive a FREE $10 plus for your first two friends you refer you will receive $50 plus earn entries for a family trip to Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando (7-1 thru 9-30-2017)! It’s free, requires no personal information (except an email address) and takes just seconds to sign up. Thank you very much.