Are you looking for a good bank that pays 200x more interest on your savings? Check this out!

The top 4 banks in the US pay a paultry .01% interest on your savings while they earn 4%-5% on your dollars. This difference equals to 65% of bank profits, which is a whopping $110 billion per year. The .01% interest you get on your savings does not even keep up with 2% inflation, meaning if you deposit money in a bank which pays less than 2% interest, you are actually losing money.

Even though some online banks save on the cost of physical locations, their “operating system” usually remains cost-heavy and most “brick & mortar” banks simply can’t compete anymore.

So, if you want more interest on your savings or if you want to save without losing money, try Beam. Without all these costs and being generous to customers, Beam‘s aim is to offer more savings and rewards back to their customers. At Beam, your Demand Deposit Account is risk-free and FDIC insured up to $250,000. You don’t need to worry about losing money at Beam because our customers comfort and happiness is our concern.

Instead of paying you .01% your NO minimum,  ZERO fees Beam account will be paying you 200x more interest, 2%-4% APY guaranteed and you will receive payments every day. Even in your sleep!  Another interesting thing about Beam is that every customer is paid a 2% base rate, which is 100 times better than the top 4 US banks.

Using some of the other features of their FREE mobile app will earn customers 4% and this does not come with monthly maintenance fees.

Launching later in November 2017, Beam can initially only accommodate a maximum of 20,000 customers before it is open to a larger audience. This “waiting list” will help Beam to manage customer demand and prioritize “beta” access to the most active early advocates for Beam.

What are you waiting for? You can now claim your spot early to become an advocate to make banking easy and convenient for everyone.   Beam is free for everyone forever and there are NO asterisks. You may withdraw money any time you wish and you can also make unlimited transfers to and from your connected checking account. The earlier you sign up with Beam, the quicker you are invited to have access for your FDIC insured savings for guaranteed 2%-4% interest rate.

You can now save with more interest and you don’t need to worry about losing money. With Beam, saving is made easy.