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  • Bank DoughOct 4@ 12:37 pmsignupdough

    You And Your Spouse Can Pick Up An Easy $450 TODAY! Just “Good” Credit Needed. Text

    Want some more $IGNUPDOUGH TODAY? How about another $450 to get a new Chase Freedom Credit Card? If you have just “good” credit (700-749 FICO) you should be able to get this card with no trouble. Having been doing these credit offers for 25+ YEARS this one is one of the most lucrative for this quick easy cash.  You can receive the Chase Card for a $150 sign-up bonus once approved and spending just $500 within 90 days. But if you refer someone with the card like I did (my wife, Ellen), Chase pays you $100 in addition to the +

  • Bank DoughSep 27@ 6:44 amsignupdough

    Get Paid 10% Every Time “Round-Up” Spare Change Money Gets Put Into Your FDIC Insured Savings Account! Text

    OK, how neat is this? Every time round-up money gets moved into your savings accounts you receive a 10% bonus on those deposits, up to $500 per year in bonus rewards. Brick and Mortar banks usually have too many costs to have any kinds of creative benefits like Chime Bank offers; unlike your “stingy” bank, Chime will pass a lot of those saved costs on to their customers and even offer a lot more than any bank I have ever seen. To start Chime Bank has NO minimum balance, NO monthly fees, and NO overdraft fees. No that’s not a +

  • Bank DoughSep 14@ 12:25 pmsignupdough

    A FDIC Insured Bank Account That Pays 200x More Than The Top Banks! Text

    Are you looking for a good bank that pays 200x more interest on your savings? Check this out! The top 4 banks in the US pay a paultry .01% interest on your savings while they earn 4%-5% on your dollars. This difference equals to 65% of bank profits, which is a whopping $110 billion per year. The .01% interest you get on your savings does not even keep up with 2% inflation, meaning if you deposit money in a bank which pays less than 2% interest, you are actually losing money. Even though some online banks save on the cost +

  • Bank DoughAug 29@ 7:37 pmsignupdough

    Receive up to $500 to open up a new checking account in NY, NJ, or FL. Text

    Receive up to $500 to open up a new checking account in NY, NJ, or FL. Popular Community Bank’s arm Popular, Inc. has been around for 120 years since 1893 and the bank is FCIC insured. They have 50 branch locations in 3 states, New York, New Jersey and Florida and are among the 50 largest banks in the U.S. If you are a new customer you can receive up to $500 to open a new Prestige or Everyday checking account. 1-Get $200 (1,2,4,5) when you open a new Popular Prestige Checking or Popular Everyday Checking account and set up +

  • Saving DoughBank DoughAug 29@ 7:28 pmsignupdough

    Is Your Bank NOT Showing you how to easily save Money? The FREE QAPITAL app sure does! Text

    Banks usually aren’t forthcoming about personal finance and saving money for you. Yes, they want you to open accounts or buy their products, but educating people about saving money I have always found that offering savings ideas isn’t what they do. Having good intentions about saving money instead of actually doing something about it has been what a lot of Americans lack, discipline! The FREE Qapital app not only easily saves you money but also eliminates your “discipline” to begin saving in to your Wells Fargo FDIC Insured savings account. The app automatically transfers small amounts from your checking account +

  • Bank DoughAug 26@ 9:03 pmsignupdough

    The 13 Types of Insurance that are Wasting your Money! Text

    The 12 Types of Insurance that are Wasting your Money! Insurance companies aren’t exactly the most upstanding businesses around. To earn their keep, they market insurance to you that are a complete waste of money. This is all well and good for the discerning buyer, but many people don’t have time to pore over page after page of legalese and end up being coerced into buying coverage they don’t want or need. Even I’ve nearly fumbled over the years after skimming some terms and conditions a little too quickly. Fortunately, you have the option to drop these coverages (many of +

  • Bank DoughSaving DoughAug 26@ 8:51 pmsignupdough

    Pay Yourself First with these Apps & Tips! Text

    Pay Yourself First with these Apps & Tips! Let’s face it: sometimes, there just isn’t enough money at the end of the month for you to kick off your plans of saving up. Budgeting can be a drag. Even if you had the best intentions when setting up your budget, your plans fall through all too easily. Suddenly your friends call you on a Friday night for drinks with the gang, and it’s looking much more tempting to join them than put that extra $50 aside for an IRA contribution. When you wake up the next morning, you have to +

  • Credit Card DoughBank DoughAug 26@ 2:45 pmsignupdough

    Save $1,700+ TODAY by making 7 quick and easy phone calls! Text

    We all know that small costs add up, but it can be difficult for the average Joe to visualize them enough to cut back on unnecessary spending. Those who are looking for quick ways to save more money each year, look no further. Below I’ve detailed seven ways to kill the extraneous billings in your life—just by making a quick and easy phone call! For anyone who still keeps the old TV on from time to time: call your cable company. Get the retentions department on the line and tell them you just can’t afford the high cable rates anymore, +

  • Bank DoughAug 23@ 4:22 amsignupdough

    Having trouble saving up? Here’s 4 apps to help you budget like a pro! Text

    According to the Center for Financial Innovation, 54% of Americans aged 18-25 say that they are spending amounts equal to or greater than their current income. For the general population, that number is 48%. 57% of all Americans struggle financially, whether with irregular income, haphazard savings habits, and the high amounts of debt that come as a result. Too many people wait until the end of the month to think about saving up “what’s left over.” The problem is that if you don’t pay enough attention to your spending habits, you’ll be left with your hands empty at the end +

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