About me

Hi folks! My name is Alan Oncken. I worked as a personal financial planner for 25 years but have since retired, and have helped over a thousand families with their savings, retirements, and investments. Now with the help of the Internet, I’m here to share that experience with you.

I received my own first “SIGNUPDOUGH” fifty years ago, when I opened my first no fee/no minimum savings account and got $25, no strings attached! That was extremely exciting for me already, but things only got better when I opened a checking account at the same bank the following week I received a thirty-piece set of dine ware. My excitement only grew when my wife got both of the same offers for signing up, and it was around then that I first realized I was forever hooked for value deals.

It started relatively small. We got free coffee mugs, free drink glasses, and a bunch of other household items with a rewards program (unfortunately long gone) called S & H Green Stamps. But back then these offers were few and far between. It’s nothing compared to the endless stream of deals offered on the Internet today.

Unlike the past, when my wife and I once made over $12,000 simply through referrals (an awesome story, for another day), offers nowadays can be more difficult to navigate. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get value—with all the resources offered on the Internet all sorts of offers, you could potentially earn not just cash, but also special perks like airline miles, credits, gift cards, and a whole assortment of freebies.

Our goal here at SIGNUPDOUGH.COM is to sort through the avalanche of information to provide you with the best deals on the Internet. As these offers become more and more ubiquitous, it becomes more difficult for the average person to discern how much value they’re actually getting. We’ll not only research these deals in depth, but also complete the offer for ourselves so we know for sure how much value we’re offering our readers.

Some finance blogs today offer hundreds of articles, links, and offers, in an attempt to substitute quality with quantity. It becomes very tiresome to sort through them after a while, especially with the lack of updates concerning broken links or nonexistent deals. I’ve reached out to contact numerous bloggers about their outdated articles, only to be ignored.

To ensure our readers never experience the same frustrations, SIGNUPDOUGH.COM will be painstakingly curated, and offer only the most

up-to-date links or resources. Readers should also feel free to reach out to me, and I promise to get rid of any broken or expired links offered to keep the site clean for everyone as a compilation that’s rewarding without being overwhelming.

Many of the families I’ve been fortunate enough to work with have since retired with savings to spare, and are living the life they once dreamed of. I hope to use this resource to make that a reality for so many more people. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after 25 years, it’s that little savings can turn into big ones, and big ones into invaluable investments for the future.

We sure hope you might check back often to see the latest deals or join our mailing list AND Facebook feeds/posts to be notified that much sooner (before a really good deal suddenly ends).

Thank you for reading and happy savings.


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